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Case Study
Richmond Regent Twin Cinema
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Richmond Regent is a twin cinema which is locally owned and operated. Originally known as the "Regent Theatre", it was opened as a single theatre on 17th July 1935 with "My heart is calling". The heritage-listed building was designed by Moore & Dyer and it is Art Deco style with Spanish Mission influence.
Our Challenges
Cleaning solutions for theatres
Removing Mould
John Levy the owner of Richmond Regent Twin Cinema is having a hard time looking for solutions to cleaning and removing mould and mildew on their cinema's carpets and even though they try hard to remove the mould it keeps on coming back.
We apply Non-Toxic chemicals we managed to remove these mould and mildews on the areas that need to be cleaned
Also we Steamed cleaned the carpets to make sure that the treatment will penetrate into the cushions to kill the moulds and make sure not to reoccur again
We work this areas
chair cleaning.png
minor repair.png
extreme height paint
John Levy mentioned the extremely professional and wonderful service we provided.
Richmond Regent Twin Cinema
Cleaning solutions
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