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Films For Friends - Movie Club
Films For Friends - Movie Club
Sydney, NSW, Australia
is a Cinema Movie Club, which is free to join & where we will present Hollywood films that inspire your heart to greatness.  Some films are true, others fiction, it doesn't really matter, as long as the message is powerful & inspiring.
Our Challenge
We designed and developed a brand dedicated to sharing and showing religious films. Concerned about current times, Films For Friends decides to bet on rescuing the message of great film productions and taking them to the public, in an act of faith.
For this we decided to create an attractive proposal, easily recognized and that above all conveys the essence of the brand in such recognizable work.
Now with the design system we give way to the creation of the website, it is important to test in both formats, be it mobile and desktop
Design Details
Frame 532.png
Event Details
Frame 530.png
Frame 531.png
Main Page
Frame 529.png
Menu Interactive
Movie Page & Checkout flow
And so ends our adventure with Films For Friends
Client very happy with end the results.
Films For Friends - Movie Club
Branding & Web Design
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