John Kennedy

You’re in safe hands.

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Managing Director 🏳️‍🌈

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John Kennedy

John has 30 years business experience both in Australia & USA in marketing, property & fire services.

Loves Cold Play, movies, theatre & dogs.


Operations Manager 🔥👾

Daniel Pacheco

Dan is responsible for field teams & ensures that training, systems & procedures are maintained to Australian standards.

Passionate about Marvel, Hans Zimmer & manga.  


Digital & Brand Manager🌈🚀

Jennifer Herrera

Jen hails from Peru & Argentina and is responsible for delivering innovative & winning digital design & branding solutions for customers.

Big fan karaoke & Lizzo.


General Manager 📞👨‍💼

Aaron Modomo

Aaron has overall responsibility for office staff management -  sales, marketing, admin & customer support.  Anytime you have a major problem, he is the go-to person.


He likens himself to Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious (must be looks)


Fire Services Officer🔥🏳️‍🌈

John David

John is a a very happy Fire Services Officer.  Anytime you need technical or fire service advice, give him a call. 


TikTok influencer who loves

K-Pop & Boys2Men

Sydney Opera House

15 years of experience in Media Relations, Training, and Project Management. He currently uses these experiences as TQC's Compliance Manager, coordinating and establishing partnerships by helping clients be compliant with Fire Safety regulations set in the Australian Building Code. With Rommel and the rest of Team TQC, clients not only have excellent theatre maintenance service providers they also have a partner that they can trust.

Trusty. Reliable. TheatreQC.

Pop Art

 Sales Manager 🔥🏳️‍🌈

Mil Angeles

Mil has overall responsibility for the sales team.   Very knowledgeable about all things fire & driven to help customers!


Addicted to horror films eg Netflix Trilogy.


Customer Care Manager 🙋‍♀️📚

Gem Pulmano

Gem is 100% focused on keeping customers happy.  Anytime you have a problem or need something investigated don't hesitate to ask!

Gem also loves Korean 음악 및 드라마.


Fire Services Manager 🔥🚀

Mel Domingo

15 years of experience in media relations, training, and project management helps Mel build trustworthy & win-win partnerships with clients.   


Obsessed with movies & novels like Jupiter's Legacy.


Business Development 🙋‍♀️📞

Karol Flores

Karol is with our business development, customer service, and sales team.  She is also a great ideas person which is a big help to customers. 


  She is passionate about opera, the Grateful Dead, and 5 dogs.


Headhunter / Team Coach 🦴 🐾

Frodo Baggins

Friend & Team Coach.  Frodo loves all staff & greets them everyone morning with a big smile & wagging tail.  He provides incredible support to the team during difficult times.

He loves chasing possums and eating.

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