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Fire Technical Services

Colored Theatre Lights

Fabric & Stage Curtains.

Water damage, stains and dust, contribute to the deterioration of the existing flame retardant in stage curtains, greatly reducing their ability to inhibit fire.  

Australian & New Zealand Building Standards require that stage curtains are maintained to the fire code so we offer the following service:

  • Deep-cleaning insitu

  • Fire retardant

  • Minor repairs

  • Guarantee no shrinkage

  • Rigging & realignment

  • Tag for compliance

Fire Painting & Repairs.

Specialising in painting for theatres & movie houses.  


As paint and coating experts, every square meter of your painting project receives the proper surface preparation and application of coatings.  

  • Exterior

  • Interior

  • Extreme heights

  • High-quality paints

  • 10,000+ colours

  • Black feature

  • Non-slip

  • decorating

  • Fire retardant paints 

  • Low VOCs

Kitchen Fire Safety.

Kitchens are the #1 source of fires for commercial buildings according to The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating.


If you have a kitchen inside your theatre, you must deep-clean exhaust hood & ducts according to AS1851-2012.

  • Remove excess grease

  • Find system faults

  • Hood to roof

  • Post clean certification 

  • HACCP compliance

  • Ongoing safety plan

  • Slash fire risk!

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